How you can learn Network Marketing with Elite Marketing Pro

Elite Marketing Pro

Are you ready to learn the secrets behind Elite Marketing Pro ?
If you want to learn step by step how to start with Network Marketing and get paid while learning …

Every time i mention Elite Marketing Pro as the place to start learning Network Marketing from a 7-figure earner, people are intrigued.
Yes, you heard that right, a 7-figure earner, Tim Erway, will teach you his simple, proven process for creating more wealth in less time than you ever thought possible.
Heck, this same process made him 7-figures over and over again.

This will be especially beneficial for you as a new business owner or aspiring entrepreneur who doesnโ€™t yet have a business or those who maybe have been in the game for a while, but haven’t managed to break through to that 6-figure level yet. There might just be an important step you didn’t implemented in your business.

Stuck ? Overwhelmed ?

Now you could try to learn Network Marketing on your own, search the internet for information , read books , watch video’s buy courses and so on.
There is so much information out there , you simply don’t know which to choose from, or if you are taught well.
You just get stuck and overwhelmed by too much information. I know i was, it was even frustrated not knowing how to implement all the things i had learned.
There is no step by step teaching structure with all those different sources.

Elite Marketing Pro Review

Another thing , learning from a book, or article , blogpost, .. is very passive, you aren’t actually putting it to action.
The real learning is in the doing !

Why Elite Marketing Pro is the best Network Marketing School

In my journey to learn NetWork Marketing i came across Elite Marketing Pro and it changed my life.
Finally i found a way to start learning online marketing step by step and didn’t just keep me struggling to figure everything out by myself.

Online Marketing is a huge thing, there is no way you will be able to learn it by yourself, you will need guidance, you will need a complete course that will get you started, you will need coaching , you will need a program/system to handle all the technical aspects, you will need products you can sell, …

Elite Marketing Pro provides you with all of the above.
There really is no other online marketing education program that has everything you will need to get your online business started.

When i joined my first Network Marketing Company, i didn’t have a clue on how to market my company. I was told by my upline to promote my business everywhere. I harassed my family , friends, collegues, everyone i knew.
I posted my opportunity all over the internet, i spammed my own facebook timeline.
What happened ? Nothing, no one was interested and they even started to ignore me.

And that’s when i came across the Elite Marketing Pro Blog and got introduced to Attraction Marketing (AKA Magnetic Sponsoring (see my Top 50 Network Marketing Books ).
I started seeing what i was doing wrong, and how i could learn to do it right !

Since i have joined Elite Marketing Pro i have learned how to successfully market my business instead of bugging my friends to death with my opportunity.
Nowadays, people come to me to ask about my business and how i can help them market their businesses.

You see how i changed from promoting to attracting ?
That’s why i preach Elite Marketing Pro to be the best Network Marketing School.

Earn while you learn !

Not only does EMP provide you with the best Network Marketing coaching program, but you also get paid while learning.
As you go through the course, you will start implementing the things you learn.
Yes, you will need to do your homework throughout the course and your coach will give you assignements you will have to complete before you can move to the next module.

Remember ? The learning is in the doing ?
You can learn as much as you want, but if you don’t actually apply what you have learned, you will remember only 10% of what you have learned.
But if you take action and apply what you have learned , you will remember a staggering 70% of what you did !
Do you see how important this is ?

While you are learning and implementing all these things, you are actually allready building your online business and you’ll attract customers to your business opportunity.
When you become an Elite Marketing Pro affiliate, you will get commissions up to 90% for every sale you make.
Yes you get to keep up to 90% of all the sales you make with the Elite Marketing Pro products.
I even had someone in my team who made his first sale in the first week he joined.
Can you imagine how cool it would be, getting your first paycheck in the first week you went to college ?

Elite Marketing Pro Affiliate

Elite Marketing Pro Review

Now you know what Elite Marketing Pro can do for you, let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer.

The Elite Marketing Pro Ignition Coaching Program

Elite Marketing Pro - ignition coaching program

By far the most valuable part of Elite Marketing Pro is their up-to-date step by step training for succeeding any online business today.
As you go through all the lessons , and learn every asset of Network Marketing, you will be tested on what you have learned.
You also get your own personal marketing coach to help you throughout the entire course. I really loved the personal coach calls, it helps to have a real phone call with your coach.
The EMP Ignition Coaching Program is easy to follow and the coaches are top notch experts in this business.

Free Elite Marketing Pro bonus blog included

As a EMP member , you also get a free blog you can use.
So if you don’t have a blog yet, you should get one.
Ever heard the saying : If you don’t have a blog , you don’t have a business.
In network marketing you definitely need a blog !
Don’t let the techie stuff keep you from blogging, in fact, this blog is all set up for you.
The only thing you need to do is enter your personal information and start blogging.
Still not sure ? There are great tutorials on how to start with your blog.
Or just join the weekly webinars.

Here’s a picture of my EMP blog , i actually set this thing up in 1 weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

Elite Marketing Pro Blog

Capture Page Builder

The money is in the list !
The most important asset you will ever own in Network Markting is your email list.
In order to “capture” as many emails as possible, all internet marketeers use capture pages to first capture prospects emails and then let them see the real offer.
If the person who was interested doesn’t join the opportunity they came across, you can sell them other stuff when you send out newsletters.

Elite Marketing Pro - leads

Elite Marketing Pro offers all their members an easy to use capture page builder.
There are pre-build offers to their product line, so you can use those immediately.
But you can also make your own capture pages for your own business.
I use the capture page builder for my other businesses as well. So simple to set up in no time.
Again, you can watch the tutorials how to set up your capture pages.

Elite Marketing Pro Products List

If you are wondering which products you can resell and earn up to 90% commission, here’s a quick list.
Notice : the product list may be different when you read this article, so don’t shoot me if this list isn’t up to date ๐Ÿ™‚

– Elite Marketing Pro (depending on what type of EMP membership level you are or sell, you can earn up to $1,018/sale)
– Attraction Marketing Formula
– $30 Million Video Sales Letter Formula Workshop
– 10 Minute Traffic Machine
– The Ultimate List Building System 2.0
– 90 Minute Profit Machine

Extra Training Resources

They also have a so much training in the backoffice you will never run out of training.
– Training on all sorts of traffic strategies like Social Media , PPV , PPC, Blogging, Copywriting, Youtube, …
– Training on Capture Pages
– Training on blogging
– Affiliate Dojo where you can learn how to promote your affiliate links
– Weekly Webinars
– EMP Blog ( this one is actually open to everyone, even if you are not a member of Elite Marketing Pro)
– More than 20 Network Marketing Courses ( only if you are VIP member ), check my list of courses i own

Elite Marketing Pro products

Elite Marketing Pro Community

Last but certainly not least , you get to join the EMP Mastermind Community ,
a group of like-minded people in Network Marketing helping each other out.
Imagine reaching out to thousands of experienced network marketers and having your questions answered 24/7 .

Elite Marketing Pro overview

Now this is what Elite Marketing Pro Ceo, Tim Erway, told me about his program :

You get a completely automated, turn-key internet business that’s already completely done for you
You get the rights to over a dozen hot-selling products and services that people actually buy every single day
You get to keep up to 90% of the profits for every product they sell on your behalf
You can make $1,200 per customer ( with an opportunity to earn as much as $3,200 per customer
You get a completely done for you follow up marketing system, where you just drive traffic and they handle the rest. They even call leads FOR you!
You get the most up-to-date training for succeeding online today with Elite Marketing Pro or any internet business
You get your own personal marketing coach to help you get started and generating commission checks FAST
You get access to the entire community of Elite Marketing Pros so you will never be left alone
You get to earn money while you learn the most valuable and highest paid skill in the world, which is marketing
You get accesss to the best sources of traffic and leads that they have used to generate millions of dollars in sales
You get a complete turn-key website PLUS a simple to use website page builder, so you can create capture pages and start building your list for any product, service or opportunity you are currently promoting
You get every single “Fast-start implementation plan” for opening the traffic floodgates, so you can get HOARDS of targeted prospects for your new or existing business.


Elite Marketing Pro Compensation Plan

Now, since EMP is not an MLM company but more of an Affiliate / Direct selling program, there is no real compensation plan.
The commission you earn, depends on your membership level.

EMP has 3 different membership levels.
– Monthly Member
– Annual Member
– VIP Member

Check out the comparison chart below to view the different levels of Elite Marketing Pro.

Elite Marketing Pro compensation plan

What will Elite Marketing Pro cost me ?

EMP offers a subscription bases membership. This means you will have to pay your subscription to stay a member.
As discussed above, EMP has 3 different membership levels.

– Elite Marketing Pro Monthly Member ( $47 / month )
– Elite Marketing Pro Annual Member ( $297 / year )
– Elite Marketing Pro VIP Member ( $2997 / year )

Final Toughts

Important Update !!

I’m not longer affiliated to Elite Marketing Pro.
Elite Marketing pro taught me the basics of internet marketing and i’m grateful for that.
It was the start of my online money making journey for sure.

After going through the basic training , there’s a couple of additional trainings and that’s it.

There’s also only 3 real products you can promote and get compensated for.

Here’s the thing, i actually started with 2 online programs.
Both based on Attraction Marketing, they are Elite Marketing Pro and MyLeadSystemPro

I will be doing a complete comparison of Elite Marketing Pro vs MyLeadSystemPro , but what i can tell you right now is;
In the exact same period and with the same marketing efforts, i was able to generate $126.9 one time commissions with EMP and $2351 (now up to $900 residual monthly income) with MLSP.

A quick comparison :

Elite Marketing Pro:

– basic training on how to start an online business + a couple of online marketing trainings.
– 5 products you can offer and earn commissions on
– 3 memberships levels : monthly $47 , yearly $297 , VIP $2997
– Earnings : $25 per monthly member, $118/sale yearly , $1018/VIP sale one time !
– Tools : Blog , capture page builder
– Monthly Training

MyLeadSystemPro :

– basic training on how to start an online business
– Complete online Marketing Trainings for every single social media platform
– 2 membership levels : University $49/month or Mastery $149/month
– Earnings : $15/month/university member + $100/month/mastery member Residual !!
– Product sales revenue : Over 60 products you get commissions on vs 5 products with EMP
– Tools : Premium hosted blog + premium plugins/themes , capture page builder , Custom tracking, CRM (contact manager + schedule tool + email templates), media hosting, custom links , QR codes generator, Corporate blog share engine, …
– 2 weekly top earner trainings
– Supportive Community with over 20.000 online marketers working as a group !

So if you’re still on the fence of joining Elite Marketing Pro, i would suggest to take a look at MLSP as well , because MLSP literally has all the tools ,education and commissions you need to succeed in any online business.
Like i’ve said, i need to do a comparison post so you will have a complete overview of the diferences.

Curious about MyLeadSystemPro ? Here’s a quick video what it’s all about

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