Ideas How To Find An Awesome Customized Domain Using Free Name Generator Tools

domain name generator tool

If you want to come up with ideas for a great domain name, you’ll need to use a domain name generator tool

So you are thinking about getting your very first domain name registered,
but you have no clue how to find a suitable domain name or can’t think of one ?

Then you need to brainstorm to come up with great domain name ideas.
Getting a domain name isn’t just going to the store and grab the first available one you like.
No, choosing a domain name is one of the most crucial decisions you will make for your business.
Every successful website is conceived with a great domain name
So you will need to invest some of your time finding out what your perfect domain name would be.

domain name ideas

Is your brand name still available ?

First thing you most certainly want to find out if is still available.
If it turns out is allready taken, you might want to check out or

Now, if you don’t want any mix up with the already taken .com domain name ,
you can also go for a pre-fix like or

Why would you want a domain name with your name in it ?
If you know what Attraction Marketing is  , you’ll know why this is so important.

What about a business name generator ?

Now you will also want to do a more descriptive domain name search for the type of business you are in.
Let’s say you are into network marketing. You want something related to your market.
Like or or
You get the picture.

There are tons of awesome domain names still available when you simply combine a couple of powerful words.
I am going to show you in just a second where you can find a domain name generator tool free to use

Guess how many domain names i own ?

Don’t be shocked at first, because you just started out choosing your first or second or even third domain name.
Personally i have registered over 100 domain names, some of those i just didn’t need anymore,  others i’ve sold again.
Current status is +53 domains.
Yeah, i’ve been online since 1999.
Now this seems like a high number , but it is not so unusual as you would think.
I know guys who own +200 domains.

You could say i have some experience in domain names 🙂
Ok, let’s find out which steps i take to find great domain names.

3 Steps I take to come up with a great domain name for my business

Before we move on to the best domain name generator i like to use,
i’ll explain how i choose my domains.
You see, i want to choose my own words , not words suggested by a random domain name generator.

First i take a spreadsheet (Excell , Numbers , ..) and i list up a couple of keywords i would like to use.


Now that we have come up with a couple of (key)words we may want to use,
we want to combine them and find out which words look great together, which don’t and most important,
which combinations are still available for registration

Bustaname Domain Name Generator Free

Like i’ve said, there are dozens of great domain name suggestion sites available,
but i like to use my keywords and put them in

Just select the keywords you came up with, press copy and then go
paste them into the first box – Start Here – Word Combiner
Now before you press enter ! Oops , too late 🙂 , no worries, you can still do the next steps first

Just go down and find “Basic Options” , best if you select both 2 & 3 word combine option.

If you want, you can also select other domain extensions like .net .biz , but remember,
first you want to search for the .com extensions.

You can also choose to include hyphens, plurals, prefix , suffix. I would leave them alone for now,
because you want your domainname to be easy to remember

Just one other thingy , “Show For Sale Domains”, if you keep this box checked, it will also show you
domains that are for sale, but you don’t want those if you don’t want to pay huge amounts to get those.

Now you can press enter.

domain name generator free

Boom ! You should now have a whole list of available domain names in the middle box “Available Domains”
Just go over the list and put the ones you like to the box on the right side.

You don’t have to buy or register the domains here, but it’s just easier to only see the ones you like.
When you’re done , just click the buy button , a new window will pop up and in this new window you can easily
copy the domain name and put it in your spreadsheet.

Do this for all domains you like and save your spreadsheet.

Repeat the process if you would like to use other keywords to mix

domain name generator tool mixer

LeanDomainSearch is a domain name suggestion tool

Next domain name idea tool i always use is
Now this one is super great tool for finding domains if you have 1 keyword you would like to use in your domain name.

Just type in the search box , for example, networkmarketing
Wow , 4.400 results, looks you still have a chance to get an awesome domain name .

Nice, while i am writing this blogpost, i just saw one and couldn’t resist buying it.
Sorry guys. That’s one less to choose from.

Just scroll down this major list of possible winners , if you like one, just click it and a new window will pop up,
so you can copy and paste it in your spreadsheet.

best domain name generator tool

Have your list of possible winners in your spreadsheet ?

ok, now you want to give those a number from 1-10 , 10 being best.
Once you are done , sort them by rating you just gave.

And now it’s up to you to choose from your top 5/10 , depends on how much domains you came up with.
Be sure to save your spreadsheet for later , the effort you put in may become useful in the future.

And we are done !

best domain name ideas

Did you know about these tools or do you suggest domain name generator that worked great for you.
Let us know and comment below

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