Why You and Everyone in Network Marketing Started With “Get Rich Quick” schemes

get rich quick

Remember how you started your Network Marketing adventure ?
Did you also join those “Get Rich Quick” programs ?

Just admit it, everyone started out chasing shiny objects
and big money promises without even thinking about it.

People still fall for these “Get Rich Quick ideas”, and here is why..

People are always looking to make some extra money….

There are tons of internet get rich quick schemes out there.
Even so, almost 90% of those programs turn out to be scams and rather than getting wealthy ,
people frequently end up losing even more money.

There are so many people who want to improve the quality of their lifestyle
and want to find out how to get rich quick without working hard.

So they start googling …

How can i make money fast online ?
How to get rich quick ?

And what pups up , 83.000.000 results of “how to get rich quick for free” websites.
Yes, just test it out, 83 MILLION search results on google for get rich quick

how to get rich quick

What ? I can get rich just by joining this program and just spend 5 minutes per day ?
Where can i sign up ?

It’s really sad to say, but i see this happening every day.

Another thing, i can’t keep up with how many times i see people
posting pictures flashing loads of $100 dollar bills, promising you can get those too.

These are the ones who withdraw every single dollar from their savings account into cash,
take some pictures, and then run straight back to their bank and put their money back into their accounts.

how to get rich quick without working hard

People keep falling for these shiny objects.

Here’s the deal , if you see someone flashing you all his money,
wouldn’t you agree, that if they really make this kind of money on a regular base,
they would be more professional than just posting these pictures everywhere ?

One thing i learned the hard way

I started out my online business journey the same way by joining one of those – make money fast schemes – and invested $500.

Why did i join ?

Because it was an unbelievable opportunity and it was proven to work for some friends and their friends.
Yes, it worked for them , so why not join myself. I could earn about $3700 for my $500 investment.
Long story short : i lost my $500 , and so did 98% of the rest who joined this “company”.

Why ?
Simply because i didn’t do my research on this opportunity. I just blindly joined without thinking: what’s the catch ?

You should always do your research.
Here are a couple of questions you should ask yourself :

– What company is behind this website ? Where is the company registered ?
– Who are the people behind this website ? Are they legit ( google their names )
– What do i have to do to earn my money back ( time frame / how money people i need to sign up )
– What product are they selling ?
– Where does all the money go ?
– Where does all the money come from ?
– What is their compensation plan ?
– Ask other users ( just search facebook), be blunt, ask for their payouts, yes payouts, not the amount mentioned in their backoffice !

List of get rich quick schemes

No, not an actual list, but here are some example where you should keep your guard up !

– cyclers
– matrix
– bitcoins
– free to join ( you can’t make money for free ! )

Get rich quick schemes that actually work.
Or how to win the lottery !

Nope, don’t exist or i haven’t joined them.

There will always be people who profit from those programs, but it will be 0,01% or less.
And the ones who do profit , end up disappointing their entire downline of team members.

Keep in mind if you promote those types of programs, you are putting your reputation at risk.
Do you think these people will join your next “opportunity” ?

Now why did i wanted to share this topic ?

Simply because i have learned from my mistakes in the past.
Failing is learning why you failed.
And how it makes you stronger and smarter.

get rich scemes fail

More to come on how I changed my mindset and finally understood the one thing
that changed my point of view on online money making strategies.

Please comment below if this blogpost opened your eyes and why you should be carefull out there.

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  1. that’s a unique definition of Fail 😛 Although I’ve not joined networking but have thought joining a million times and for the same reason 😀

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